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3 fish species suitable for cold water

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Cold-water fish are all specimens whose ideal temperatures range from 10 to 24° C. The existing species that fit this description are varied, presenting multiple shapes, sizes and colors that captivate all lovers of the aquatic world.

Cold water fish have certain particular cares, but one of their main attractions is their resistance to controlled low temperatures; besides, there are many specimens suitable for the creation of ponds, such as the well-known Koi fish.

Another of its qualities is its moderate ease of care compared to other species, which makes certain types of cold water fish, especially those of small to medium size, the most recommended option for beginners in the world of aquarium keeping.

The 3 species of fish suitable for cold water are some of the best candidates to consider if you wish to have an aquarium with these spectacular animals.

Red carp or goldfish

The red carp, commonly known as goldfish, is the most popular cold water fish in the world. There are innumerable variables of this fish, and specimens can be found in orange, red with golden touches and even white. Goldfish are gentle and peaceful fish that need the company of their peers to feel at ease in an aquarium.

Their size is between 10 to 20 centimeters if they have the right conditions, and they require a large aquarium to explore. They can be in waters with temperatures ranging from 16 to 23° C, their ideal being usually 20°.

Telescope fish

Its appearance is one of the most curious among fish suitable for cold water, because its eyes protrude from its body, surrounded by what resembles swollen balloons, this feature gave it the nickname “dragon eyes”. It is a calm fish that can be found in a variety of colors, such as orange-gold, black, blue, chocolate, white or color combinations.

Telescope fish have poor vision, so the person must be careful with the items placed inside the aquarium and at feeding time. It can measure up to 20 centimeters and its desired temperature ranges between 18 and 23° C. Like goldfish, it will appreciate having a large aquarium to move freely.

Chinese Neon

One of the smallest species of cold water fish, having a size of no more than 4 to 6 centimeters. The Chinese neon is a fish that requires to be in the company of at least a small group of the same species to be comfortable, these groups usually consist of at least six to seven specimens. It can perfectly coexist with other peaceful species, especially with goldfish and telescopefish.

These fish are known for their amazing jumps, so it is recommended to have an aquarium with a lid to avoid accidents. The water temperature may be between 17 and 22° C, but 20° C is usually the ideal.


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