It is well known that this therapy is in many cases very effective in treating specific health problems in humans, but without going to an extreme case, pets also provide emotional support to ordinary people, without necessarily suffering from any disease.

What is zootherapy

To be more specific, we define zootherapy as rehabilitation or re-education techniques for physical, psychological, sensory, social and behavioral alterations, in which animals are used as facilitators.

Studies have found that owners of domestic pets maintain as close a relationship with their masters as they do with the people closest to them if they had them.

Proven by scientists

U.S. university psychologists conducted several experiments in which they examined the potential benefits of pet ownership. They came to many conclusions, among which owners were defined as follows: “they have a higher self-esteem, they are in better physical condition, they tend to be less solitary, they are more aware of what is going on and more extroverted, they tend to be less fearful and less worried than people who do not have animals.”

Studies show considerable evidence that pets benefit their owners’ lives both psychologically and physically because they serve as an important source of social support.

The truth is that pets are not just for the sake of having them, or to amuse children, but they are capable of bringing a smile back to a depressed person, helping a shy person to socialize, lowering blood pressure, relaxing nervous people, etc.!

And above all, these little beings help people to accept themselves as they are, because they accept us as we are, being fat, thin, tall, short, rich, poor, intelligent or not, successful or unsuccessful.

Remember that a healthy and noble dog will always be a good companion…