Responsibility towards our pets

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petsThose of us who have animals at home know that they are our companions, or our children’s companions. But there are owners who know this and take care of them accordingly, while there are others who do not give them the proper care or even abandon them.

We must be aware that pet ownership implies a responsibility, because they are living beings and give us a lot of joy at home, if we know how to recognize them.

Domestic animal control

In several developing countries, the control of domestic animals is being implemented, allowing access to information on their status and veterinary care. It is like a kind of follow-up, or social assistance to pets.

This care is not restricted only to wealthy owners, but anyone who has one or more pets at home should also be committed to their care. There are also some of these cases, where there are not exactly economic problems, but nevertheless pets can suffer if they are not made aware of their needs. Therefore, it is understood that the best way to keep them healthy is to meet their basic needs, such as feeding, vaccinations or routine veterinary exams and lots of love!

The following is a checklist that is used in some places by certain animal welfare groups to judge whether an animal is happy and healthy:

  • The animal must be free from hunger and thirst.
  • The animal must be free from discomfort.
  • The animal must be free of pain, injury and disease.
  • The animal must be free from fear.
  • The animal should be free to express its normal behavior.

Let’s do a quick check of the state of our animals, if we have them, we must do it in the conditions that correspond to all living beings.