Dogs and owners: sleeping together

Many times, our pets, especially dogs, become our favorite stuffed animals when it’s time to go to bed. Both children and adults feel the animal’s presence next to us when it’s time to fall asleep. Animals are warm and soft, and petting them has proven to be one of the most relaxing experiences there is. However, dogs are creatures of habit and this coexistence in bed must be made clear from the beginning. No games are allowed here.

Setting customs

We cannot improvise whether we want our dog to go to bed with us every night or not. If we leave it on a whim, the animal will most likely get used to doing it, and then it does not deserve to be scolded if it gets on the bed (or sofa) and, one day, we do not want it to do it. The decision to co-sleep is a decision that we must therefore take carefully.

Respect their space

You can let the dog choose a corner where he feels comfortable and place his bed there. A good option is to use the carrier as a “bedroom”. In this way, you will get used to it, and it will be easier for you to be relaxed when you have to travel.

Never forget that, as he does to you, you must also respect your dog’s space and his resting place. Don’t bother him.