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Why pigeons are a symbol of peace

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For many cultures and societies, doves are a symbol of peace. This is due to different historical and symbolic reasons. In fact, pigeons have been a symbol of peace since ancient times. These birds have been venerated in various cultures and religions as a symbol of hope, reconciliation and harmony.

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The dove has also been a symbol of peace since the Bible, where it is mentioned as a sign of the coming of a new era of peace and harmony. In this post we tell you some of the reasons why pigeons are considered a symbol of peace.

Dove: Symbol of peace

Here are some of the reasons why pigeons are often considered a symbol of peace.

  • In the Bible, the dove is a symbol of peace and purity. It is mentioned in the Old Testament as the bird Noah sent from the ark to look for signs of dry land after the Flood. The dove returned with an olive leaf in its beak, a symbol that the flood was over and peace had returned to Earth.
  • In ancient times, doves were considered symbols of the Greek goddess of peace, Eirene. Pigeons were also associated with the Roman goddess of peace, Pax. These goddesses represented harmony and reconciliation between humans and gods.

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  • In different ancient cultures, doves were seen as a symbol of love, loyalty and harmony, which is also related to the idea of peace.
  • Throughout history, pigeons have been used to carry messages between different parties, which has contributed to their association with peace. Their ability to return to their place of origin after being released made them reliable messengers during antiquity.

In modernity

While the relationship of pigeons with peace is long-standing in human history, in modern times we also find many reasons for pigeons to continue to have this image.

For example, during the 20th century, a period marked by global conflicts, the image of the dove with an olive branch in its beak became an anti-war and peace symbol around the world. This was popularized in large part due to the peace movement and historical events such as the Vietnam War.

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In addition, the United Nations uses a dove with an olive branch as a symbol. The same image has also been used to promote peace and resolve conflicts worldwide.

Its very nature

It is important to know that pigeons are known for their calm and peaceful behavior compared to other birds. Its appearance and gentle flight pattern also contribute to its association with peace.

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