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Why do cats like fish?

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We have seen countless comics and hundreds of cartoons of kittens attracted by the smell of fish. The reality is that the vast majority of cats like fish and enjoy eating it. But do you know why they have this attraction? In this article we tell you why cats like fish and which are the best fish to give them and which ones to avoid in your cat’s diet.

Why cats like fish

The answer to why cats like fish is related to the aroma. Remember that the smell of fish is usually much stronger than that of meat and it is natural for your kitten to be attracted to that smell and want to eat it.

We know that cats are carnivores. This means that the basis of a cat’s diet is, like that of almost all felines, meat. A free-ranging cat will feed mainly on what it manages to hunt. That is, rodents and birds. Although cats are hunters, they are not usually so attracted to water as to hunt fish. This means that fish consumption by cats is mainly due to coexistence with humans.

In this way, the smell of the fish will attract your kitten irremediably and he will want to eat it very soon.

What fish can my cat eat

Fish consumption in general is beneficial for your cat. This is because it is a food with a high content of Omega 3 and Omega 6, components that help to preserve the good condition of the feline’s coat and skin.

However, it is not advisable to make fish the basis of the cat’s diet. In other words, you must combine fish with other foods so that it receives a complete diet. A cat fed exclusively on fish may have problems with absorption of B vitamins. In addition, fish is also not a source of vitamin K, which is necessary for their health.

Among the fish you can give your cat are tuna, salmon, sardines and also seaweed. It should be noted that salmon is rich in amino acids and has high levels of crude protein. Sardines are able to maintain strong joints and shiny hair. As for algae, they are a natural source of iodine. This will help your cat’s nails and teeth stay healthy.

Which fish to avoid

Virtually any type of fish is healthy for your cat. But what you should avoid are canned fish because of their high sodium content. This means that you should exclude from your kitty’s diet any fish that comes in canned, brine or dehydrated form. Nor should you give marinated fish, smoked fish or fish bones.

You should also be careful with the thorns, as it could choke on them.

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