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Why have a pair of parrots at home?

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Parrots, like many birds, are monogamous animals. This means that this is a species that chooses a mate for life. In addition, they are very social beings, so if you are determined to have a parrot as a pet, you should consider the need to have a parrot couple.

A parrot alone in a cage may have a tendency to become sad, so the ideal is to adopt two of this friendly species. Being social animals, they need attention and interaction and it is best to interact with another of the same species. If you opt for a different sex pair, it is possible that they will reproduce. And if they are of the same sex, they will simply become friends.

Regarding monogamy, some scientists claim that it is a mechanism related to the survival of the species. That is, since they incubate their young outside their mothers’ bodies, they need to do the work between two. Caring for and feeding their offspring is often a job of two among many bird species and this is the case with parrots.

What you need to keep a pair of parrots

The first thing to consider when thinking about adopting a pair of parrots is the space you will need for them. The cage should be of a size large enough for them to be active inside.

A square cage may be a good choice, because they will have a better visual reference on the cage boundaries. However, the space inside the cage must be sufficient for them to stretch their wings and feel comfortable inside it. In addition, in many homes parrots are allowed to roam free at least during certain hours of the day and the cage can be used mainly for eating and sleeping. The cage will be the shelter and safe place for your parrot pair, so it should be a space where they feel comfortable.

What to keep in the cage

A pair of parrots will be able to play and have fun inside the cage if it has the proper equipment. These birds have a cheerful and playful character and are also usually very agile. When choosing the toys you will provide them with, you should think about these conditions.

For example, you can opt for swings. This implement will delight your parrots and will give them long hours of fun, whether inside the cage or if you decide to put the swing outside the cage in a safe place in the house. A ladder of a suitable size that you can climb up and down is also a good choice. This way you will be able to exercise your paws.

Ropes can also be a good choice, because they will be able to climb, bite and swing on them. Try not to put all the toys in the cage at once, but to keep changing them. This way they won’t lose interest and they won’t feel overwhelmed with too many toys.

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