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What you need to know to groom your bird

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Owning a bird is a great responsibility and requires the complete commitment of the person, because like every living being, he or she needs to of certain cares to be healthy and happy. In bird care there are many elements to consider and each one of them is so important as the previous one, but their cleanliness plays a fundamental role to avoid life-threatening diseases.

This area of its maintenance is not usually talk a lot, so that people are unaware of several essential aspects for its optimum performance. This is why you need to learn what you need to know to groom your bird.

Cage cleaning

The grooming of a bird is divided into the cleaning of its cage and bathing of the bird as such. Cage cleaning, as follows and of all the elements that compose it is of the utmost necessity, in particular to prevent diseases in birds, humans and other animals. to live with her.

Water and food must be constantly changed, and no debris should be left on site. The papers used for their feces need to be changed daily. Packaging and toys must preferably washed with hot water when they are dirty, hangers and cage floors also need the same care.

Generally, this is sufficient to have the cage in good condition, but it is important to carry out a thorough cleaning. to the cage once a week. In this cleaning it is necessary to pay attention to attention to detail and leave no gap uncleaned. Remember not to use cleaning products that are toxic to the bird, such as bleach, in their Instead use vinegar diluted in water or enzymatic cleaner.

Bird grooming

Birds do not need to be bathed from the and very seldom require human assistance to get the dog to do so. clean. There are two main options for its care, to place a container 3 to 5 cm deep near where the bird is or in its cage, or use a sprayer.

The bird will go to the container on its own. after inspecting it, and if he wishes to start bathing, he will also take a bath. can be placed directly inside, but it is important to emphasize that it will never be should force a bird to bathe. After this she will go outside and wait for drying must be done in the “open air”, i.e. in a natural way, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer or similar devices.

In the case of the sprinkler it is only necessary to start spraying it a little, and if the bird responds positively, continue doing so. The bird should not be soaked completely and should be stopped as soon as she shows that she does not want to continue.

With both options, locations must be chosen where there are no drafts or cold weather and where they are as protected as possible. drastic temperature changes are possible. Only in rare cases is it possible to to use soap to try to clean the bird manually, these soaps do not be harmful to its health and will only be required if the bird has been soiled with something that cannot be cleaned with water alone, such as oil.

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