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What are the life stages of a hamster like?

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In general, hamsters tend to be considerably less long-lived than other pets, since their life expectancy is estimated to be between 18 and 36 months. This will depend on the specific breed of hamster and the care you can give it. The stages of a hamster’s life pass quickly, due to the fact that its life is quite short.

Of course you should take this into account before adopting one as a pet. From birth to old age, hamsters go through different stages that we describe here.

Life stages of a hamster


Hamsters are born blind, deaf and naked. They are called “puppies” and this is a stage that lasts approximately two weeks. During this time, they are totally dependent on their mother, who is in charge of feeding them and caring for the litter.

Early childhood:

Early infancy is the stage in a hamster’s life when they have already opened their eyes and are beginning to explore their environment. After the first two weeks, hamsters begin to open their eyes and develop fur. At about three weeks of age, they begin to explore their environment. It is also at this time that they begin to eat solid foods.


Young hamsters continue to grow rapidly and become more independent. At this stage, they are usually very active and curious. This stage is very short and usually lasts between three and five weeks. That is, it happens when they are between one and two months old.


At approximately one and a half to two months of age, hamsters reach sexual maturity. This is a stage in which they can already reproduce and have offspring. If you do not want them to have offspring, you should separate them to avoid unwanted litters.


Adulthood in hamsters usually lasts up to one and a half years of age. That is, until they are about 18 months old. Throughout this stage, hamsters are young adults and remain active and healthy.

Old age:

Hamsters enter the old age stage at around 18 months, although the life expectancy of a hamster varies depending on the species and the care it receives. At this stage, they may become less active, develop health problems and need more care and medical attention.


Elderly hamsters may show signs of aging, such as decreased mobility, weight loss, dental problems and a general decline in health. This stage can vary in length, but hamsters generally do not live much beyond 2-3 years.

Living conditions

It is important to note that these stages are general and may vary according to the species and living conditions of the hamster. Providing adequate food, a clean and safe environment, and regular veterinary care can help ensure a healthy and happy life for your hamster at all stages of its life.

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