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What are the best birds to keep as pets?

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Birds are chosen by many people as pets for many reasons. These include their songs, their colorful plumage and even the uncomplicated care that most of them usually require. In this article we are going to tell you about the best birds to keep as pets.

Indispensable care for your birds

The best birds


The popular parakeets are a favorite in many households. Their size, which does not usually exceed twenty centimeters, and the simple care they require play in their favor. In addition, they can live up to twelve years under the right conditions.

Parakeets are quite sociable, so it is advisable to have a pair of them. In some cases, if there are two females, they may behave violently towards each other. And in the case of two males, they should be acquired at the same time to prevent them from fighting for the territoriality of the space.

The care required by parakeets is simple: keep the cage clean and in a place with good lighting but not in direct sunlight. For feeding, they can receive oatmeal or canaryseed.

Indispensable care for your birds


The canary is one of the most famous birds in the world for its melodious trills. This, coupled with its typical bright yellow feathered appearance, makes it an attractive pet.

Care in this case is quite similar to that of the parakeet, although they tend to live a little longer. On average, they will live about fifteen years and will not grow more than fifteen centimeters. A nice detail is that they are capable of learning new tunes and their singing is a sign of good health. Males tend to sing more than females and sing more if they are in a place where they can hear other birds.

For food, they can receive birdseed and other seeds, as well as fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to place some stones in the cage so that they can wear out their beaks and feet.

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