10 curious facts about corgi dogs, the favorite of Queen Elizabeth II

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Corgi dogs were the favorite pets of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. Since the first corgi Elizabeth received as an 18th birthday present in 1944, she has bred about thirty of them. Here are some curious facts about this friendly canine breed.

  1. Corgi dogs are characterized by a strong and loyal personality, as well as being very affectionate and sociable, and enthusiastic about sports and physical activity.
  2. Their life expectancy is between twelve and thirteen years.
  3. They adapt to small spaces because their maximum height is usually 33 centimeters, while their maximum weight is thirteen kilograms.
  4. There are two breeds of corgis, the Pembroke Welsh Corgis and the Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Both resemble each other because of a 19th century crossbreeding. The Pembroke has no tail and pointed ears, while the Cardigan has a long, furry tail and rounded ears.
  5. It is estimated that they have been in Wales for over three thousand years and arrived with a warrior tribe of Celts in 1,200 BC.
  6. They are present in tales and legends. An ancient Welsh legend claims that corgis were chosen by fairies and elves to pull their carriages, tend livestock and serve as warriors.
  7. The Pembroke was a regular herding dog and farm guardian.
  8. The origin of the word corgi comes from the Welsh words cor, meaning dwarf and gi, meaning dog.
  9. The hindquarters and legs of corgis float on water because of the shape and density of their muscle fibers.
  10. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, corgi prices broke records in the United Kingdom. They exceeded the barrier of 2,780 euros. Also the daily search for corgis on search engines reached peaks of up to ten times the records prior to the death of Elizabeth II last September 8.

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