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Indispensable care for your birds

When you live with a bird in your environment it is very important that you see your pet as a whole to take care of it in an integral way and prevent diseases such as pecking, self-mutilation, due to stress, poor nutrition, intoxication or loneliness.

Symptoms that indicate that your bird is not being cared for are as follows:

  • Faded plumage
  • Beak and scaly
  • Excess cleaning
  • Irritated or irritated skin
  • Foot blows

In this article we provide you with a series of essential tips for caring for your bird.

Natural food

It is important that you identify the best nutrition for your bird to be happy and healthy both physically and mentally. The holistic veterinarian recommends replacing grains with natural kibble, free of chemicals and dyes, and seeds should not represent more than 30% of their diet. You can also provide lettuce sprouts, spinach and earthworms.

Adequate sunlight and vitamins

Birds need a good place to live such as a cage that suits their needs for space, play, cleanliness, privacy and light. They need to be in a sunny space for several hours a day as an important part of their emotional and nutritional health. However, if you do not have a well-lit place, you can place a UV spotlight for birds for several hours a day.

A space free of toxins

Birds are very sensitive to the environment around them since they do not have lungs but air sacs. For this reason, make sure that the place where they stay is ventilated and warm. Free of smoke, aromas, aerosols, candles, insecticides or cigarette smoke.

Regarding the water, you should change the water in the drinking trough every day and use filtered water. If you use tap water, the birds could become intoxicated due to the amount of chlorine and flouride, which are deadly toxins for the birds. Always keep the cage free of droppings.

Love, music and company

Taking care of your pet’s emotional state is an integral part of its health. Birds bond with their caretakers and for this reason it is important to share with the bird activities with which it feels accompanied such as quiet music and affectionate words for several minutes a day. However, it is important that your bird also has a mate to share and mate with.