3 dog clothing stores that will make your furry one look very cool

We adore our furry friends and everything for them is always too little. So much so, that we do not hesitate to give them everything not only to make them healthy and happy, but also to make them look cute and fun.

How many times have you fallen in love with the doggies starring in the most viral videos on the Internet with their beanies and accessories? How many times would you have wanted to have that cute outfit you have seen in a picture to take an original picture of your dog when you are out for a walk?
Well, so that you don’t have to wish for more, we bring you some of the most original online stores for dog clothes and accessories.

Original dog clothing stores

Dog’s a Ffaire

We start with this store that, without a doubt, is very aware of the latest trends in complements and accessories for our pets.

As soon as you walk in: “Flechazo!

From the most trendy clothes for our furry friends, to leashes and collars that we can combine with the clothes and even teepees that fit with the decoration of our house.

dog clothing

Planet Pet

Although this website is a bit more generic, we have included it in this list because it has a section that we have completely fallen in love with: the costume section.

Can you think of anything more fun than dressing up your dog and doing a shooting? Imagine the fun pictures that can come out of it…. In addition, you will find costumes of all kinds and for all times: Santa Claus, for Halloween, or people from movies like this one you can see in the image below, from Frankeperro.

dog clothing stores


Petit Chien

Another store full of fun designs and many other accessories is Petit Chien. Can you believe that they even have a food section?

Here you will find T-shirts, scarves, raincoats, sets, dresses, coats and even lingerie for your furry friend. And all with designs to die of love… or of laughter.

dog clothing stores










We hope you have enjoyed this post as much as we have enjoyed writing it; and that if you are looking for the most original accessories for your dog, that it has helped you.