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Tips to prevent otitis

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The best prevention to avoid that our animal suffers from the terrible otitis is to always keep its ears clean. Both dogs and cats have their ears constantly in contact with the ground, especially those with long ears.

How to clean the ears of our pets

The best way to clean our dog’s or cat’s ears without hurting them is to use a cleaning wipe or moistened absorbent cotton. Always be careful not to enter the auditory pavilion. We therefore reject the use of sticks and other sharp objects.


Dirt is what needs to be removed from our pet’s ears, and although it may seem silly, we must be careful in the process, as we could hurt them or drag earwax and other foreign elements into the ear in such a way as to cause an infection.

In addition, during bathing, we must avoid getting water or soap in the ears. To do this, we can place a cotton plug soaked in olive oil, liquid petroleum jelly or baby oil (without perfume) in their ears.

Other dangers are those that occur in the field, as the animals are exposed to the penetration of straws, seeds, dry twigs, or even an insect into their ears.

Otitis can cause great incapacity in our pets, and even cause them to lose their appetite. Therefore, we must be alert to the slightest symptom of the disease.