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Find out if your pet has otitis

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Otitis is the inflammation of the ear canal. Otitis can be dangerous for our pets, and besides being very painful, we have to know that for animals, the sense of hearing is one of the most important they have. They are able to hear sounds that humans can’t even come close to hearing. Not only that, but the ear forms the center of balance. Otitis is therefore a disease that must be treated urgently to avoid serious problems.

Does my animal have otitis?

To know if your pet has otitis, observe its behavior. One way to detect that our pet is suffering from an ear problem is that it shakes its head insistently. Another symptom that gives us away the presence of a possible otitis is that he scratches his ears when we have wanted to caress them from behind.

An animal that is suffering from otitis will also be nervous and restless, perhaps irritable. He will most likely refuse caresses, at least on the ears. You may even lose your appetite.

Prevention is better

Dogs and cats that have a lot of hair inside the ear canal, have large ears or are in contact with nature are more likely to suffer from otitis. In such cases, we must be extremely vigilant and hygienic.

In addition, a veterinary check-up is necessary every four months for those who have already suffered from the disease.