Cats Feeding Tips

My cat has given birth!

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After about two months of sweet waiting, our cat has become a mom. We finally have the kittens with us, and this fills us with joy, they are so cute! But even if we remain enraptured watching them and the mother, we must not neglect the latter. The poor mom has behaved like a champ and we have to make sure she recovers well after the birth.

Precautions after childbirth

If this is the first time we raise kittens, there will be some details that surprise and even scare us. There is no need to be alarmed, but it is a good idea to take your cat to the veterinarian for a check-up.

Milk. We have to observe its color and consistency. If it is discolored, yellowish and thick, it could be infected.

It is normal that during the first 4 hours after delivery, the cat will discharge a greenish substance, which will gradually turn reddish because it contains serum and blood. This may last about 5 days. If it lasts longer or turns greenish, it could be a sign of infection by placental debris.

It is important to check that there is no baby left inside and no remains of placenta. To do so, we must palpate the uterus and consult a veterinarian in case of doubt.


A lactating cat needs to consume a lot of calories. We can give him kitten food, which is more nutritious. And let’s make sure he eats well.

Calcium supplements are very good during lactation. And vitamin B will help you generate more milk.