Dog toys

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Dogs are always game for play: they love it, especially if it involves their master, but we can’t always meet those needs and they look for ways to entertain themselves. Puppies, above all, are experts at this: how many of us have never found ourselves one day with gnawed sneaker laces?

Getting used to toys

You may not get the toy right the first time, as that depends on the dog, but you can certainly find one that will get his attention so he can chew and tear it up to his heart’s content.
Don’t give him old clothes
or similar things because he will not distinguish them from other belongings and will think he has the right to use them.

What is the best dog toy?

You have different types. If your economy allows it, try to combine them. You can give bones or other products made of a material that they can safely ingest and that tastes appetizing to them. You can also buy plastic toys that stimulate them, such as the well-known whistling newspapers or dolls. Rope toys are also a good option for them to chew on. And, of course, the balls delight them. These things can be played with or without the master.