The dilemma of choosing a veterinarian

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When we acquire a pet, the dilemma of choosing a good veterinarian begins. To give you an idea, choosing a veterinarian is like choosing your own doctor: you must make sure that you are dealing with a good professional who has the proper instruments and licenses to practice.

Taking specialization into account

To choose a veterinarian for your dog , cat or pet, you must take into account the experience and quality of the professional, that is, it is essential to look for a veterinarian with a degree and even specializations, verifiable knowledge in the treatment of animals, and with extensive experience, if possible.

It is important to take into account the veterinarian’s specialization. If we have a cat, but the veterinarian specializes in dogs, we may not be choosing the right professional to treat our pet.

Services offered

It is advisable to look for a veterinarian you can trust from the moment you get your pet, and not only when you have an emergency. Other guidelines to consider are the hours of operation and compatibility with one’s own schedule, whether there are substitute vbeterinarians when the main one is absent, clinic staffing, waiting time for appointments, the hygiene and cleanliness of the place, additional services such as training, hairdressing or day care, among others.

It is also essential to know if emergencies are attended, and if the doctor is associated with any animal organization.

To find a trustworthy Vet you can turn to your friends and family members who have pets before you, they may have already gone through this search and can help you. Canine societies and specialized clubs can also be consulted for good references.