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Yorkshire: big character in a small package

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The Yorkshire Terrier is a small sized dog but with a lot of character. His personality is so strong that if the owner does not know how to raise him properly, he could become a real animal nightmare. Here are some tips so that your Yorkshire puppy does not become a source of anxiety.

Defined rules

It is very important that your Yorkshire receives a training that establishes behavioral guidelines and well-defined rules of coexistence. Remember that this breed is characterized by being stubborn and very daring (i.e., they are not afraid of almost anything), so you must be very insistent so that they begin to respect the rules of the house without strong resistance. The best thing you can do to achieve harmony between you and your puppy is to show him, from the beginning, who is in charge at home, so that he obeys out of pleasure and respect, not by force (no hitting!).

Great partner

Its minimal size makes it ideal for living at home or transporting and it is an excellent dog for seniors and middle-aged children. When acquiring a Yorkshire don’t forget to check in detail its dental condition because there are dogs whose mouth does not close in scissors. Also, don’t forget that their coat requires special care, as they are prone to frequent soiling because they are almost down to the ground.