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The bathroom: Not for rabbits?

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THE BATHROOM IS NOT FOR RABBITSRabbits enjoy the bad reputation of smelling bad, however, with the experience of two rabbits in my life, I can affirm that this is false. Neither they nor their cage smell bad as long as they are kept in proper hygienic conditions. A healthy rabbit (without skin diseases or diarrhea) will give off a warm and pleasant smell. The person who says that rabbits smell bad is undoubtedly because he or she has never owned one. And if not, try it, take a rabbit in your arms and smell its fur, you will see what a sweet scent it gives off and what a lovely feeling it is to have it in your arms.

To avoid unpleasant odors, you should clean the cage and change the litter 1 to 2 times a week, depending on the time the animal spends in the cage. If you have a separate litter or W.C., change it daily.


Rabbits are like cats, they wash themselves by licking themselves. You can use baby wipes to clean the baby’s bottom area if it is soiled.

If your rabbit for some reason is dirty and you want to bathe it, make sure the animal is relaxed. The water should be warm, and use a special shampoo for rabbits. Do not use the hair dryer because, in addition to scaring him, it may burn his thin skin. Dry him well with a towel and avoid drafts. If it is cold, leave bathing for another time, as a cold could be dangerous for a rabbit.