Importance of pets in our lives

Importance of pets in our livesNowadays, having a mascot has become necessary mainly in children, since in many families infants grow up alone and for company they need to have either their puppy or kitten usually. pets very unique, they represent the brother they don’t have because they play with him, they also vent their anger, etc.

However, these faithful pets are friendly, and although they cannot speak, they give love to their owners with their gestures.

The relationship with our pets

Considering that the pets are faithful friendIn addition to man, we can also highlight the mistreatment they are often subjected to by their masters; not having enough space for them to be, it is very painful to be condemned to this fate and, above all, to be able to run freely.

Pet ownershipentails great responsibility for the care involved.

Every owner has to look after them, lavish them with attention and care as part of the family. The dog and the cat are the most known pets, without leaving aside other animals such as little fish, birds, etc. that have been part of this family participation in the nucleus of a home.

The cat is known as the nocturnal and vagabond animal, since many people consider that they are only good for hunting mice, however, they do not see the usefulness or the benefits they can provide to humans.

The dog, on the other hand, because of its intelligence, concerns and expression; the unconditional friend dog that man has, is the living example of that tenderness that awakens the human being.

This little animal is the company in our games, in the games of children and in the solitude of adults.