Dogs Tips

Educating the little one

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Puppies are like babies, they can get into mischief without knowing that what they are doing is wrong or that it bothers us. And that is why, as with children, we must begin to educate them from puppies to prevent them from giving us problems when they become adults.

Dogs when they are puppies bite everything, pee where they please, and they also find your bed more comfortable than their own, so they will want to sleep in it. Educating a puppy is a long job that requires perseverance, patience and understanding.

How to raise a puppy

The first rule is that you must speak to him in a firm voice. So that the animal gets used to differentiate between what is a command and what is simply a game.

In addition, you should go to the market and pick up some dog toys and treats. They will be useful for training and to reward them when they do well. It is forbidden to give them treats when they do badly, otherwise the animal gets confused. Contradictory orders are also prohibited.

If it bites you, complain with a pitiful sob. He will understand what he has done to you. Biting is part of their game.

Puppies also cry to blackmail us emotionally. When he asks for something, get him used to sitting down to give it to you.

If your puppy suffers from separation anxiety, leave the lights and/or radio on when he is home alone. You will prevent him from feeling lonely and breaking things.

And of course, in any case, never ever apply physical punishment as a training method. It is forbidden to mistreat any animal.