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Beware of heat

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In summer, a small carelessness with our pet can cost us dearly, because the high temperatures can cause fatal consequences in the health of our animal. Traveling by car, leaving the pet on the terrace in the sun, or forgetting to make sure that the animal drinks and eats properly, are behaviors to be avoided at all costs. In summer, precautions are more necessary than ever.

Heat stroke

Just as it is recommended never to leave a baby alone in a car when we go shopping at the supermarket or to have a snack, even if we think it will only be for a moment, neither a dog nor a cat should be left in the car. Humans are aware that we are hot because we sweat, but dogs and cats only sweat on the soles of their paws. If we observe that our pet is panting, it is showing you that it is very hot, and moreover, making a great effort to lose heat.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop the vehicle from time to time, park in a shady area, and wet the animal’s head to cool it down. And this rule is also valid and necessary for cats.

Exercise should also be avoided on hot days. Especially if physical activity is resumed after a break of a few days.