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Nervous barking: how to train your dog to avoid it

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People who own a dog know that sometimes they tend to bark nervously. In this situation, it is important not to lose calm and learn how to manage the situation so that it does not become recurrent. Nervous barking is more likely to occur in very young and very active dogs, but it can also happen in any dog.

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Remember that barking is one of your dog’s ways of expressing himself, so be patient. Of course he will always bark, but there are a few ways to train him to behave well.

The first thing we must try to understand is what is the cause of your dog’s nervous barking. Surely over time, you may notice that he barks differently at different times, with nervous barking being more disturbing than others.

Why does my dog have a nervous bark?

A dog can bark to express different emotions. Out of boredom, frustration, worry and even excitement. Also, dogs need exercise, so if your pet has not had enough exercise, he may bark to indicate boredom. In this case, increase the amount of exercise with more walks or games.

Some dogs tend to bark nervously to get their owners’ attention. The problem here is that if you pay attention to him, either to attend to him or to scold him, you will reinforce the behavior. In this case the idea is that when you notice this situation, ignore it completely and don’t even look at it until it calms down. When you see that he has calmed down, praise his behavior. You can also reward him when he is calm and he will understand that this is the behavior you want and that you can pay attention to him without him barking.

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Many dogs bark when people pass by the house. When faced with this, try to intervene before he starts barking. You can learn to detect the signs that he will start barking with a little attention and when you notice it, ask your dog to do something or call him. If he starts barking, you can still call him and reward him when he pays attention to you and stops barking.

In general, dogs usually respond well to training and it is likely that by following these tips you will avoid nervous barking from your doggy pet.

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