Saving with your pet

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A pet does not have to imply an excessive expense or lead to unnecessary privations if we know how to organize our needs. Naturally, there will be expenses that cannot be reduced, such as those related to veterinary care and other basic investments. Here are some tips to save money without endangering your pet’s health and hygiene.

Good food at low cost

If the crisis forces us to stretch our wallet to the maximum, we should not sacrifice our pet’s health by looking for the cheapest brands. It’s all about finding the best brand for the best value for money. Buying larger bags of feed is usually much more economical. As treats, instead of commercial treats that are expensive and often contain sugars and fats, we choose pieces of sausage for cats and dogs, or fruit if it is a rodent or a bird.

In addition, use your pet’s water from the previous day to water the plants.

Hygiene and games

Biodegradable sand made from wood fibers comes in larger bags and is less expensive.

With imagination, we can make homemade toys. Simply with colored felt, we give them animal shapes and fill them with cotton and valerian. We have a cat toy. Pieces of old clothes, cardboard, ropes or other household objects will help you in your creations. Never use plastic because the animals could swallow it and hurt them.