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My rabbit is on a diet!

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Lack of exercise, good food, and also we love him so much that when he looks at us with that good boy face we fall surrendered to his paws and give them everything they ask for. Or what we, the masters, imagine they are asking for, i.e., treats. Like all children, our pets also need cuddles, affection and a treat from time to time. But do not overdo it, if the mime is in the form of a candy and is composed of fats and sugars. In the long run our token of gratitude for his company may hurt him, we will be raising a fat rabbit. Obesity in rabbits is a disease.

Vegetables only

A rabbit’s diet should be based fundamentally on vegetables. Hay is a product that should never be missing. A small amount of good feed ensures that no nutrient is lacking. As treats, a piece of fruit from time to time.

Is my rabbit fat?

If your rabbit is fat, you will notice that it does not wash itself. They have abnormal skin folds, which will tend to become infected because of moisture.


A poorly fed rabbit will make the feces softer than usual exposing it to dirt and infections. In addition, it will not get to eat the cecotrophs and will lack vitamins and good bacteria. He will be haunted by the sad arthritis and pododermatitis.


Increase green leafy vegetables.

Reduces feed.

Get him to stay active and exercise.