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Rodents that you can keep as pets at home

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Rodents are charming little animals that have become popular pets in many homes due to their compact size, playful nature and ease of care. If you are considering having a pet rodent at home, here are some lovely options to consider.

The best rodents as pets


Hamsters are one of the most common and popular rodent pets. They are small, furry and come in different breeds, such as the Syrian hamster (also known as the golden hamster) and the Russian dwarf hamster. They are nocturnal animals and require an exercise wheel in their cage to stay healthy. Hamsters are ideal pets for those with limited space and who are looking for a loving and easy to maintain animal.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs, also known as “whose”, are social and affectionate rodents. Unlike hamsters, they are active during the day. They are friendly animals that enjoy interacting with their caregivers and can recognize their names. Guinea pigs need more space compared to hamsters and enjoy the company of other conspecifics.


Mice are intelligent and curious rodents. They are nocturnal animals and can be easily tamed with patience and regular handling. Although they are small, they need enough space to explore and play. Mice are ideal pets for people who enjoy observing interesting behaviors and can give them time and attention.


Despite the bad reputation, domestic rats are loving, intelligent and affectionate pets. They are very social rodents that enjoy the company of their owners and can be trained to perform tricks. Rats need an environment enriched with toys and climbing aids. They are ideal for those who want a pet with personality and are willing to devote time to their care.


Gerbils are active and curious rodents that enjoy interacting with their owners. They are diurnal animals and love to dig, so they need a habitat deep enough to dig tunnels. Gerbils are very social and prefer to live in pairs or groups.

Care of rodents as pets

Regardless of which rodent you choose as a pet, there are certain aspects of care that apply to most of them.

  • Suitable cage: Provide a spacious and secure habitat with sufficient ventilation and nesting areas.
  • Balanced feeding: Provide an adequate and varied diet, which may include species-specific pellets, fresh hay, fresh vegetables and fruits in adequate amounts.
  • Handling and socialization: Interact regularly with your rodent to strengthen the bond and build its trust towards you.
  • Veterinary care: Schedule regular visits to a veterinarian specializing in small animals to ensure their health and well-being.

Rodents can be rewarding and fun pets to have at home. However, before acquiring one, be sure to research and understand the specific needs of the species you choose to provide it with an optimal environment and a happy, healthy life.

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