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Puppy phases

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Just like children when they are born, puppies also go through different stages in their physical and cognitive development. Especially in the first month of life, and we know that other animals are more advanced in the separation from the mother and autonomy than we humans. Thus we can distinguish 3 phases in the evolution of our baby puppy and they are each more important.

Neonatal phase

It takes place from the time the animal is born until it is 10 days old, which coincides with the moment when it opens its eyes. In this phase the puppy will limit itself to eating and sleeping, as it still does not see or hear. If for some reason they cannot be with their mother, we must make sure that they are always clean and dry, that they do their needs well and also be careful because they can suffer convulsions when they sleep.

Intermediate phase

From 11 to 21 days. The puppy continues to need mother’s milk. If you do not have the mother, there are special milks for them on the market. It begins to take its first steps, to make little noises and teeth appear.

3. Adaptation and adaptation phase

The puppy is already gaining independence. He begins to eat solids and will be more playful. You will also need to bite. Take the opportunity to teach them to go to the toilet, because here they already start to look for a place to do their needs. It is also a good phase for learning.