How to proceed in case of a dog bite?

Although dogs are pets that with a good education can be very calm, it is true that sometimes they can have a dangerous behavior. When you are bitten by a dog, and it is serious, it is necessary to take legal action against the owner in order to receive compensation for this accident.

The best way to proceed

According to the Spanish Civil Code, Article 1905 states that the owners of animals are responsible for the damages they cause, even if they stray or escape from their home.even if they stray or escape from their domicile.

In the event of this accident it is possible to obtain a
compensation for a dog bite
to solve the damages that may arise from the animal’s attack. Knowing how the law works in these cases can help victims better defend their case and receive compensation for the dog bite.

If the bite is serious, it will be necessary to call the police and go to the emergency room to treat the wound inflicted by the dog.. The police will make a record of what happened, and then testify at the trial for the claim for compensation.

In addition, it is important to have witnesses to the event, who will be able to testify during the procedure in case the dog owner does not want to take responsibility for the damages caused by the dog to third parties.

A dog bite can be very serious, requiring hospitalization and even surgery, as well as medication to treat pain or possible infections. Physical and psychological sequelae can follow this attack, which can ultimately damage the mental well-being of the person attacked.

This whole situation can also be the subject of a claim during the judicial process, giving more weight to the case against the owner of the more weight to the case against the owner of the animal.

Experienced lawyers

In order to proceed correctly with this problem, it is best to rely on
accident compensation lawyers, who will be able to deal with the case in a timely manner
They will be able to attend the case in a timely manner in order to receive compensation and defend the rights of their clients in case of a dog bite.

Their experience and knowledge in the sector allows lawyers to know what evidence is needed for the case and what laws govern this situationThe aim is to help people receive compensation to cover the days spent in the hospital, as well as the disability and after-effects, both physical and psychological, that occur after the attack.

Leaving these matters in the hands of experts guarantees the best defense of rights and a more agile judicial process, which will allow the victim to receive the necessary compensation in the shortest possible time.

Amount of compensation

When a dog bite occurs, the compensation to be received by the owner depends on the classification of the violations. For a minor infringement, the compensation can be from 60.1 to 601.01 euros, for a serious infringement from 601.02 to 3,005.06 euros; and for a very serious infringement, the sum is between 3,005.07 to 90,151 euros. Therefore, the severity of the accident should be determined by experts specialized in the subject, in order to know the amount of compensation to be know the amount of the indemnity to be received.

In addition, the imposition of these sanctions does not exclude the civil liability of the dog owner, nor his obligation to pay the compensation that may be demanded for the valuation of the damages caused by the dog bite.

For this reason, it is necessary to take into account the evaluation of the victim’s body damage caused by the animal’s bite. several parameters are used to determine thisThe same as the criteria used to evaluate medical negligence or motor vehicle accidents.

The cases are different, so the price to be paid for compensation may vary, since moral, patrimonial, psychological and physical damages must be added to this.

In the event of a dog bite, knowing the amount of compensation, the parameters to be considered, as well as having the police and witnesses, can help win the case to receive compensation for the damages caused.