How to choose the right toy for your cat?

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Although we already know that felines are much more independent than dogs, we cannot leave aside the care of their physical activity. Some cats go out to explore the street while their masters work and others just lie on the couch wagging their tails lazily. In both cases, having appropriate toys for them will help with health, mood and, of course, metabolism.

cat playingWhat type of toy is best for your cat?

Do you want your cat to be a happy animal? He then supplements his life with toys. You don’t need to spend money, since on the Internet you can find pages dedicated to making homemade toys, but don’t stop making them.

If you find it more convenient to buy them because you are short of time, this is another option. You must always make sure that the toy is safe and for that you have to follow three guidelines: that it does not fall apart easily, that the animal does not reach the stuffing and that it cannot swallow it unintentionally.

Cats are like small children: they play with anything and you can’t determine which toys are the best. If you have a box, you will see how they go crazy for rubbing themselves with it, crawling inside or sharpening their nails. They are naturally curious animals. In this case, we could use a scraper.

The latest models incorporate ladders, ropes and other accessories that turn them into a miniature gym. The stuffed animals and string dolls are also very successful, as well as balls with bells inside.