Cats: Snowshoe

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As the name suggests, this breed of cat, the Snowshoe, or snowshoe cat, is a beautiful creature that appears to have paws covered in snow. This cat has its origin in a Siamese and American Shorthair crossbreed. Hence, its physical appearance has the characteristics of the Siamese, such as its triangular head, the blue color of its eyes and the style and refinement of its body. From the American Shorthair, it has inherited the muscular appearance and its characteristic white legs.Cats: Snowshoe

Fruit of an accidental crossbreeding

Its origin was purely accidental, and is thus revealed by its discovery. The first known Snowshoe dates back to 1960, when in Philadelphia, this kitten unexpectedly appeared from a litter of pure Siamese twins. They liked this cat so much that from then on, they sought to create this breed by crossing both cats.

The perfect mascot

The Snowshoe is a perfect cat breed to live at home with us. It is an affectionate, calm, intelligent, sociable, but at the same time energetic and playful pet, so it is perfect to have with children. In addition, these cats tend to get along well with other animals.

As it is a short-haired cat, it does not require great care. Brushing once a month is sufficient. Their diet and needs are the same as those of any other cat. A very affectionate cat.