Dogs and owners: separate vacations

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Although we adore our dogs and share our moments with them, there are times when we are forced to separate from them.

Either because we have obligations to attend to, or because we are going on a trip where we cannot take animals, also thinking of their own comfort. Dogs and ownersThe options for those who have dogs and are planning a vacation are diverse. We can leave the animal in the care of a trusted person, this is the best option. Especially if the dog feels a special affection for that person.

But if you don’t have a pet sitter available, there is the alternative of pet boarding. But there is no need to rush. With pets, as with small children in day care centers and the elderly in nursing homes, it is necessary to visit the facilities in advance and get good information before deciding to take them there. Their integrity and well-being are at stake, so study well to which kennel you take your dog.

Rest, play and care centers

Dogs feel the absence of their masters. Therefore, it is a good idea, days before leaving them in the residence, to go with them so that they can play for a while and become familiar with the environment and the caregivers. Of course, check the conditions and treatment of the animals. It is necessary that they have space to rest, to play, that there is cleanliness, that the rest of the animals look healthy and happy and that there is a veterinarian at the center in case of an emergency.

Never leave your pet unattended. Provide your contact information, leave your dog an article of your clothing or a toy with your scent, and give all instructions to the caregiver about meals, special care and habits and hobbies that your animal has.