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Having a fish tank at home can create a special space.

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Have you ever wondered why in many medical clinics it is common to find large aquariums in the waiting rooms? This is because beyond their decorative and entertaining function, these aquariums are associated with tranquility. That’s why it can be an excellent decision to have a fish tank at home.

Experts say that the contemplation of the water, the slow movements of the fish and the underwater decoration create a relaxing and hypnotic atmosphere. This state of mind favors a different processing of thoughts, increases creativity and contributes to well-being. In other words, all are valid reasons that add up to the decision to have an aquarium at home.

Having a fish tank at home

In addition to their visual appeal, aquariums are home to fish, peculiar pets that not only serve a decorative function but also offer companionship. Fish are easy to care for and feed, and many owners develop a close relationship with these aquatic creatures.

A major advantage is that unlike dogs and cats, fish do not demand large spaces and do not require excessive time. That’s why having a fish tank at home is a good idea to have a pet. In fact, they are ideal choices for those looking for low-maintenance pets.

The first step before having an aquarium at home is to select the right fish. Each species has its own needs, from water temperature to the type of food and decoration required. It is essential to know these requirements in order to provide a suitable habitat. You can choose between cold or warm water fish, according to your preferences and capabilities to maintain the optimal environment.

Ideally, you should seek the advice of an expert who can advise you on which are the ideal species to start this activity. Then you will need to choose the fish tank, the central element in the creation of an aquarium at home. Its capacity will determine the number of fish you can keep, the decoration and the need for an oxygen filter. The ideal size for beginners ranges from 45 to 60 liters, allowing enough space for a variety of fish.

Remember to place the tank in a location where there is access to an electrical outlet to plug in the filter and lighting. It is also important to avoid drafts or direct heat sources.

Other implements

The oxygen filter is crucial for keeping the water clean. There are different types of filters depending on the size of the tank, such as internal, external and cascade. In addition, lighting is essential, using fluorescent or LED lights depending on the type of water and fish. The decoration, from the background to the stones and plants, should be chosen considering both the aesthetics and the needs of the fish. There are many species that like to have nooks and crannies to hide in. For this you can put plants, stones of different sizes and shapes and others.

In short, having an aquarium at home not only adds a decorative and entertaining touch, but can also improve your well-being by providing a corner of tranquility and connection with aquatic nature.

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