Special care for rabbits

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The rabbit is a very happy, jumping and playful animal, but in spite of looking like a simple animal to have at home, it also requires specific spaces and care , especially in feeding.

Fresh feed and vegetables

The rabbit should eat mainly dry feed containing dehydrated vegetables, vitamins, cereals and green plants. The ideal is to give him three to four spoonfuls of this food, depending on the size, although we can also give him fresh vegetables such as the traditional carrot or parsley. The ideal is to feed twice a day, with dry food in the morning and fresh food in the afternoon.

To gnaw and develop the teeth it is convenient to give the rabbit branches of fruit trees, it should be placed in a container with hay to help the digestion and it is necessary to have fresh and clean water available.

The rabbit should also have a sufficiently large cage, with a fence which is gavanized and not covered with plastic so that the rabbit does not bite it. Inside we must place a drinking trough and two feeders. The floor of the cage can be covered with straw or wood shavings.

Where to locate it

The cage must be located in a well-lit and ventilated place, away from drafts or heat sources. Nor can it be placed in direct sunlight, as it is harmful to the animal.

Rabbits also require grooming. If they have long hair, they should be brushed twice a week with a metal comb, and if they have short hair, they should be brushed when they moult. Nails can become a problem so it is advisable to take your child to the veterinarian for nail trimming.

It is also important to disinfect and clean feeders and drinkers several times a week, and to remove straw daily, to maintain hygiene and avoid infections.