Debunking myths: Dog and cat under the same roof

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It is clear that dogs and cats are animals of different species, and as such they have their differences. Their ancestral instincts survive in some form and this is perhaps the origin of the myth that the two cannot coexist under the same roof. Perhaps this is also the origin of the expression “getting along like cats and dogs”.

However, for pet lovers there is good news: dogs and cats can be kept in the same space without any problem, as long as some precautions are taken to make life easier for both pet and owner.

Better from a young age

Obviously, if both, dog and cat, know each other from puppyhood, everything will be much easier. They will grow up together, play together and it will be a common thing for them to live together and share the same space. If they were not raised together, it will be necessary to ensure that neither sees a threat in the other.

If the dog arrived earlier, things can be a bit more complicated, as the dog is more dependent and loyal and may feel that the cat is stealing his space. The cat is a more independent animal, so if it happens the other way around, and the cat came first, you may not notice the change as much.

If you are thinking of having these two animals at home, it is better to do it the younger they are, because the more years one or the other has been at home, the more difficult it will be for them to accept the competition. Once this phase is over, it is normal for them to live together, although we can expect the occasional quarrel, as happens in humans.

Aspects to take into account

It is necessary to take care of the sizes and ages, because if one of the two is an adult and the other is a puppy, or the dog is much bigger in size than the cat, they could hurt each other during games or fights. In addition, the needs of a puppy and an adult are different: the puppy wants to play, the adult wants to rest.

If we want these two animals at home, it is better to look for calm dog species that do not have a hunting instinct.

Each one must have its own space for eating and resting. Ideally, we should have enough space to keep them apart in case one of them has a “bad day”. And above all, it is essential to have desire and patience to educate these two little animals.