Discovering feline acne

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Have you ever discovered, by chance, something strange on your cat’s skin?
your cat’s skin
? Something like small grains of color? If you have seen them, we tell you that this condition, very common in our feline friends, is called acne. In puppy world we tell you more.

What is feline acne?

The specialists explained to us that all cats cats have sweat and sebaceous glands all over the surface of their bodies and that most of the sebaceous glands are related to hair follicles that produce oily secretions. These secretions are popularly called “sebum” and are necessary to keep the animal’s skin in excellent condition and waterproof.

Therefore, when the sebaceous glands grow “abnormally”, the problem is generated; to which we must add that, being located mostly on the chin, tail or lips, they are predisposed to be rubbed in many places. This constant rubbing accelerates and complicates acne.


When the cat has an advanced case of acne, it feels annoyed, usually stops eating and scratches insistently, thus generating a general discomfort. But, fortunately, the solution is within our reach: there are topical treatments, scratches, cleansing lotions and other techniques to cure our kitty.