Ocular diseases in cats

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Prevention is better than cure, goes the saying. In the case of our pets, we must not forget it, since we can get a good scare.

If your animal’s health does not motivate you to take care of it because you believe it is strong and nature is wise, I remind you that veterinarians are not cheap and even less on-call, so spend a few minutes each week checking that your cat’s eyes are okay.

The eyes are susceptible to many diseases

Cats’ eyes are vulnerable. They are exposed and any small discomfort can turn into a disease that can seriously affect them. It is precisely in cats that the eyes are very important organs. Their pupils adapt to capture the maximum amount of light in each environment. It is very easy to detect changes in the eyes of cats, just by examining them.

Most frequent symptoms

The usual symptoms that precede or indicate disease are excessive secretions or tearing, eyelid swelling, color changes or abnormal sensitivity to light.

Every two years it is convenient to do a small eye test that you can carry out at home. Cover one of your cat’s eyes and bring one finger close to the uncovered one. If he doesn’t blink, he may have a problem, so take him to the vet immediately.