Christmas is here for our pets too

Escrito por Mundo Cachorro

Christmas is coming and, as in all homes, and in spite of our pets, we place the relevant decorations for these dates so endearing. I say “in spite of our pets“, because many times those decorations that we put up so excitedly end up causing more than one disaster.

Of course, just because we have a pet at home, we are not going to give up celebrating Christmas, and they are also members of the family. But take precautions!

Christmas: a risky time for pets

The holidays are dangerous for pets because the typical firecrackers scare them. But hazards are also found indoors. Christmas decorations are both eye-catching and dangerous. So make sure they are within reach if you place a Christmas fir tree. Balls, lights and the figurines of the Nativity Scene are all strange objects for pets.

When faced with anything new, pets will run to explore what’s going on. Be careful with cables and objects that the animal can put in its mouth, or break and injure itself with them.

Sweets and flowers: Red alert!

Not only decorative objects, but also Christmas flowers are highly toxic. This is the case with lilies, poinsettias and mistletoe. Be careful also if you walk through a park or garden, because in many places, the City Council plants them for Christmas.

And then we come to the sweets section. For us they are delicacies, and for them too. However, sugar is bad for their health, and chocolate can be deadly for them. Do not leave trays of treats within reach of your pet.