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Pets: a friend for life

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Every Christmas thousands of pets are given as gifts, and every summer more than half of them are abandoned. A puppy may look like a cuddly toy when we see it in the store window, but it is certainly not, it is a being of flesh and bones with feelings. Whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, or any other animal, you have to think a lot about who you want to give it to and be very clear about two things: one is that this person, and his family in case it is a child, will really love it, and secondly, be sure that the family will be able to take care of it properly.

Pet means family

It must be taken into account that each animal has its own character and its pros and cons. They bite, scratch, get dirty, need to play, etc. Before the passing whims that usually involve the purchase of a pet, that this animal will live for a number of years and that, during these years, it should be in the best conditions and receive our affection.

In this sense, a dog or a cat, depending on the breed, can reach a life expectancy of around 20 years. In the case of a rabbit, another of the most fashionable petsin Spain, life expectancy is around 5-10 years. If we are talking about a hamster, it can reach 4 years of age. And life is much longer if we opt for more exotic animals such as a parrot, which would exceed 80 years of life, and who knows if we buy a turtle.