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Pet coat : the cold weather is coming

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Sometimes we think that animals do not get cold because their bodies are covered with fur. But of course pets can feel the cold, and providing them with a good coat is essential, both for their comfort and their health. Because we don’t want our little one to catch cold!

Both dogs and cats, and especially animals from tropical climates, now that exotic pets are so fashionable, suffer the consequences of low temperatures.

pet coat

Leaving your dog or cat on the terrace is not a good idea in the middle of winter, especially if you are going through a cold snap. Prolonged stays in very cold environments end up breaking the body’s thermal regulation mechanisms of animals that are not accustomed to it due to their natural climate. When it comes to puppies or elderly or sick pets, it is much more important to provide them with warmth, as their defenses are weakened.

Essential care in cold weather

One caution to keep in mind is that indoor pets need exercise. With the cold, they will become lazier. But it happens that they will also need to eat more calories, and these will cause them to become obese if we do not take care of them. Therefore, take care of your diet according to your weight. Poor nutrition can lead to malnutrition, hypothermia and even death from frostbite.

It is advisable to put on warm clothes, or take care of the heating if your pet has short hair or has no hair at all. They are less resistant to the cold than the hair breeds. Always avoid humidity. If your animal is outdoors, buy special warm kennels. And never lack clean water to drink.