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Chondroprotectors: what they are and when to give them to our dogs.

If our pet has advanced age, joint problems or osteoarthritis, it is important that we provide, as a supplement, chondroprotectors..
These can be given included in the feed, or through capsules containing them.
These will provide the protection your worn cartilage needs.
Anyone who has a pet knows how important it is to take care of it and offer it the best possible care so that it has a good quality of life.
That is why, When dogs get older, their joints are affected as the cartilage deteriorates.
Chondroprotectors help to reduce this deterioration..

What are chondroprotectors?

Chondroprotectors are dietary supplements for dogs, of natural origin, which are used to protect joints from diseases such as osteoarthritis or other joint pathologies resulting from the deterioration of cartilage.
or other joint pathologies derived from cartilage deterioration.
Although chondroprotectors do not cure these problems, they do help to prevent them from worsening and alleviate the animal’s symptoms, such as pain or stiffness.
It is not necessary to have a joint problem in your dog to give him this supplement; if your dog is elderly, you can give him this supplement to protect him..
It is composed of glucosamine and chondroitin; these two substances are found naturally in the body of your pet, but as his age advances, their quantity decreases and, therefore, joint problems begin to appear in your dog.

reasons for owning a dogWhich dogs should consume this type of supplement?

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common problems in almost all older dogs, especially those over 5 years of age.
Therefore, it would be advisable to provide them with chondroprotectors when they exceed this age, even more so if they have symptoms.
The dogs most prone to these problems are large breeds, such as: German shepherd, Golden retriever, Siberian husky, mastiffs, bulldogs, etc..
Therefore, these are the breeds that most need to reinforce their joints with this dietary supplement.
Where can we find this type of supplement?

Barakaldo Vet Shop you can find different chondroprotectors, among them cosequin advanced dogs in tablets.
You can choose the most appropriate for your dog according to its needs or size.
How do chondroprotectors work?
What chondroprotectors do is help the articular cartilage to be hydrated and nourished. These supplements usually contain chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid.
The latter is present in the synovial fluid, so its administration will contribute to slow cartilage degeneration; glucosamine and chondroitin will help its renewal and chondroitin sulfate will provide hydration.
Chondroprotectors have properties that make them the perfect complement to protect joints, relieve pain and prevent our pets from developing major problems.
When should we give chondroprotectors to our dog?
We must provide our dog with chondroprotectors to our dog, in case we observe some of these symptoms:
  • The dog limps.
  • He has clear signs of pain.
  • Shows stiffness when awakened.
  • Trouble standing up.
  • He does not want to go for walks.
When we want to prevent, slow down or reduce the onset of joint problems in dogs most at risk. What would these be?
  • The dogs of larger breeds that have a tendency to suffer from joint problems.
  • The dogs over 5 years of age, sinceabove this age, osteoarthritis occurs frequently in these animals.
  • Dogs that are very active. For example, dogs that go for a daily run with their owners.
  • Dogs that are overweight. The joints of overweight dogs suffer more than those of normal weight animals, so it would be advisable to use chondroprotectors in this case.
  • If the dog has had any injury, sprain, luxation, surgery or dysplasia, taking chondroprotectorsIf the dog has had any injury, sprain, luxation, surgery or dysplasia, taking chondroprotectors will make its recovery faster and will also reduce long-term problems as a consequence of these injuries.
The use of chondraprotectors represents an important change in the health and life of our pets, especially at advanced ages or in dogs with joint problems.
Therefore, we should consider the option of providing our pet with these dietary supplements.