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Choosing the best cage for your bird in 10 steps

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If you want to know how to choose the best cage for your bird, read on: we have prepared a series of tips for you. Remember that each bird has its own characteristics and a suitable environment will depend on its size and personality.

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Choosing the best cage

It is important to choose where your bird will be, because its health will depend on how it adapts to its environment. And also how protected and stress-free it can feel in its habitat, which will largely be its cage. Take note of the following indications that will help you make the best choice:

  1. Choose the appropriate cage depending on the size of the bird and the species. It must have the necessary space for the bird to be comfortable in its home.
  2. The material of the cage must be resistant. You should also make sure that the paint and finishes of the cage are free of toxins.
  3. The cage must be resistant to escapes, but also to possible intrusions by other birds.
  4. Wide-winged birds require cages that allow them to stretch out
  5. Tall birds require space to move their tails comfortably
  6. Small birds such as finches require space to fly. Having a spacious cage will allow them to fly inside and feel comfortable.
  7. The size of the cage bars should be proportional to the birds that will live inside the cage.
  8. The ideal cage for your bird should also have the right furniture. For example, natural wood hangers can be good, as long as they are clean and free of any kind of parasites.
  9. You should provide the bird with wide, shallow food and water bowls. This will make it easier for them to feed themselves
  10. The substrate of the cage must be placed in such a way that the birds cannot touch it with their beaks or reach it with their feet.

It is also important that you place the cage out of drafty areas or out of reach of small children or other pets.

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