Characteristics of the Persian cat

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Characteristics of the Persian catThe Persian cat is an animal with a very long coat, medium build and a robust and solid body. The face of the Persian cat is very variable, as for its head, it is round and massive.

His eyes are large and round, and always wide open. They are animals with long, silky hair, long all over the body but not woolly. We can find more than 100 varieties of coat color in these animals, which makes them extremely attractive, beyond their majestic and regal bearing.

A cat with very particular characteristics

You can find them in all kinds of colors and with all kinds of drawings, they are very versatile cats, you will never find one very similar to another. They can be classified according to the colors, for example, there are the Persian cats that are of a single solid color, they are the most difficult to obtain, then there are the bicolor Persians, this type of feline consists of any other predominant color plus the color white. The colors can be black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, black tortoise, blue tortoise, chocolate tortoise and finally lilac tortoise.

When we say that a Persian “is a tortoise” it means that it has a pattern in which two colors are intermingled, both well defined and distributed throughout the body. This type of pattern is linked to females, meaning that it is extremely difficult to find Persian males with this pattern.