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Special care of the Siberian Husky

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Special care of the Siberian HuskyHuskies are a hard-working, gentle and friendly breed, they are extremely friendly dogs not only with their owners, but also with other animals.

Characterized by their beautiful appearance and mostly blue eyes, these animals are ideal for companionship and assistance in work, such as their characteristic sled pulling.

All pets pets require care and attention, however, the Husky is a dog that does not like the heat, they are dogs used to the cold, therefore, special care must be taken with this breed.

Special care

When it is a puppy, as with all breeds, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian you trust to deworm it, vaccinate it, and explain step by step how the next few months will be in terms of vaccinations and special care.

The Husky is a dog that really needs a lot of exercise and companionship, is very attached to the family and adores children.

When he is still a puppy, he should not be left alone for a long time, he should be given toys to chew on, as he really likes to chew when he has not yet reached adulthood.

He is a hyperactive dog and should be taken for long walks whenever possible.

It needs water change at least 3 or more times a day, baths should be very periodic, for example every two months, do not bathe it with toilet soap, but with soap that does not have odor, since it is a dog that does not have body odor.

Do not take them out for a walk or to play if it is very sunny, these animals absorb a lot of heat and it causes them discomfort.

These animals need a good quality diet, so make sure your pet has as many vitamins and minerals as possible.

Curiosities about Siberian huskies

An interesting curiosity about Siberian huskies is their ability to communicate through howls and yelps.

Unlike other dogs, huskies have a wide variety of vocalizations that they use to express different needs and emotions.

Their howls can be truly captivating and evocative of the image of a wolf howling at the moon.

Buy a Siberian Husky

Prices of Siberian Husky puppies can vary considerably depending on different factors, such as geographic location, breeder’s reputation, quality of the parents and market demand.

For example, in Spain, the average price of a quality Siberian Husky puppy with pedigree can range from 800 € to 1500 €.

However, keep in mind that there are reputable breeders who offer puppies with exceptional bloodlines, and in those cases the prices can be higher, reaching up to 2000 € or more.

In Mexico, prices of Siberian Husky puppies tend to be more variable and can be influenced by supply and demand in different regions.

In general, prices can vary between 8000 MXN and 15000 MXN for quality pedigree puppies.

However, as in Spain, there are reputable breeders offering puppies of outstanding bloodlines, which could bring prices from MXN 15,000 to over MXN 20,000.

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