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Food for greyhounds

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food for greyhounds Fruits and vegetables should be part of the daily diet of greyhounds, especially racing greyhounds, since a balanced and equilibrated diet for greyhounds is the major foundation for their strength, endurance and vigor.

The greyhound’s diet must satisfy the variety of nutrients of good quality, that the animal can digest easily, that its ingredients are few and that we can get frequently in the area where we live.

What are the stages of a dog’s life and what should it eat at each stage?

Balanced diet: the key to performance

As far as feeding greyhounds is concerned, beef should ideally have a high percentage of fat, but no tallow should be added to compensate. Another staple food for these animals is lean horse meat, which is low in fat and therefore serves to muscle greyhounds. As we already said, we have to find a way to have energy, fat, proteins and vitamins for our greyhound to be completely healthy. It is necessary to consume a lot of water, but remember, not too cold and not in large quantities, it must be administered little by little.

It is not advisable to give sugars of each short such as honey or soluble sugar, for a racing greyhound or a greyhound that performs a lot in terms of physical exercise, it is advisable to give him potatoes or pasta a couple of hours before his physical exercise. An ideal combination of nutrients can be sheep meat with rice meat, or else skinless chicken meat with the addition of olive oil.