Cats and parasites

Cats can also suffer from internal parasites and here we will tell you which ones mainly affect this pet. The parasites that affect cats mainly affect their digestive system causing serious damage to it and even destroying it if they are not treated in time, so it is important to know the symptoms and go to the veterinarian if in doubt.

Types of parasites

Parasites are easily transmitted between cats, and even between people. The main types are:

Hookworms: These are not spread from cat to cat, but through intermediaries such as fleas.

Ascasis: These are worms that are spread by swallowing eggs and reproduce in the intestine. They are very dangerous and can affect the lungs and liver.

Trichomoniasis: Causes severe diarrhea affecting the large intestine and manifested through blood or mucus.

Giardiasis: is contagious through contaminated water or feces and affects the small and large intestine.

Coccidia: It is spread through the feces of a sick animal, where the eggs of the parasite reproduce.


The main symptoms of the cat are: lack of luster in the hair, anemia, bulging belly, sudden thinning, lack of vitality, and fertility disorders. At the slightest suspicion, a veterinarian should be consulted, because they can be present in many places such as bushes, soil, feces, grass and other common places, and rats and birds tend to move them from one place to another easily, so the animal can always be exposed.