Brushing your cat

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Brushing your catCats are among the cleanest pets in existence, as their independence and intelligence are usually a relief for their owners. Even so, it is advisable to brush them according to the care they require. In any case, keep in mind that this is a pleasurable activity for your kitty and will not harm him/her. You won’t spend a lot of time either, and for the benefits it brings, it pays off. Look at it another way: hair that brushes off, hair that doesn’t end up on your couch.

Long-haired cats

These should be brushed every day or at least every other day. In this way, you will remove loose hairs and help prevent the cat from swallowing a hairball when licking. Carefully untangle her hair. A knot comb can be useful for this purpose.

Shorthair cats

Brushing, unlike friends with more extensive hair, can be done once or twice a week and for practically the same reasons. This simple gesture will help you keep your cat clean, healthy and give him a moment of extreme pleasure, you know how theatrical they are!