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photos of chihuahuas

The origins of the Chihuahua are uncertain; it is not known whether the breed comes from Mexico or Egypt, two places quite far apart, but who cares? This breed of dog can be found today all over the world, as its size, huge ears and bulging eyes have conquered hearts internationally.

Learn a little more about Chihuahuas

This small breed is made up of affable dogs, not very playful, but with a curiosity much greater than their ears. Chihuahuas are inquisitive, snoopy and prowling by nature. They love to explore, something you will notice on their walks, as they will stop at anything to examine it. They are also intelligent and very affectionate, somewhat jealous of their owners.

People tend to think that small dogs have a very compact temper, but the truth is that these animals are very sociable, even if at first they are distrustful. This depends on the owner’s upbringing, as it should allow him to interact with other dogs or visitors at home.

Chihuahuas are ideal pets for the elderly or people with mobility problems, as they require little exercise thanks to their adorable dimensions. It is enough to walk him three times a day for him to relieve himself: at home he can do other activities.

It should also be noted that they require little care. Long-haired Chihuahuas should be combed from time to time so that they do not get knots in their hair and their nails should also be trimmed, although they do not like it very much. They appear to be prone to heart attacks.