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Caring for a tortoise

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For some reason, people tend to think that tortoises do not require a lot of care, but they are wrong. This animal is quite delicate and attention must be paid to its feeding without neglecting its other needs.

Build your tortoise’s habitat

First of all, we must give him a place to live that suits his conditions. As long as they are small turtles, they can live in a small tank that protects them from air currents. If we can place them in the warmest place in the house, we will be doing them a favor.

The fish tank floor should contain rounded stones, sand, soil and dry leaves. The sand should not be too fine, in case it gets on your face. Fresh water should be available at all times in a container that is easy to tip over. It is necessary to add a shelter to which it can resort during its hibernation in autumn and winter.

What can I feed my turtle?

Vegetables and fruits are ideal. You can give all kinds of vegetables, but wash them very well to prevent the animal from ingesting pesticides that are toxic and dangerous to their health. They can also eat small pieces of meat, worms and snails, although not in excess so as not to fill it with animal protein.