Canine obesity: how to combat it

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Obesity is becoming one of the most important major health threats to dogs. The growing number of of overweight dogs is notorious and is of concern to both professionals and those who share their lives with these little furry ones. The reasons for The concerns are clear, as obesity not only shortens life expectancy, but it also the animal’s health, but it also makes the animal vulnerable to countless diseases and to spend the rest of his life in a rather uncomfortable state.

For this reason, canine obesity: how to combat it, has become one of the topics of greatest interest in the world of for those owners with diagnosed dogs as well as for those who have been diagnosed with those who want to be safe rather than sorry.

Go to the veterinarian

One of the first steps you should take the best way to combat canine obesity is to visit your veterinarian. trustworthy, since this is an important ally that can facilitate crucial information for the dog’s health. In addition to being able to diagnose with If the dog is overweight or obese, the veterinarian can rule out causes of overweight or obesity not related to food or lack of exercise, such as some of the following diseases or the genetic predisposition of the animal to this disease. condition.

Along with this, the veterinarian is the best person to provide information and specific needs Depending on your dog’s breed, age and lifestyle, the dog will have a different to comply with different routines and diets to regain their ideal weight.

Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise are two of the most important key factors to avoid obesity, being the main tools to prevent obesity. to restore the dog to optimum health. Inadequate nutrition, with excess fats, human food leftovers and extra treats, is what leads to dogs to suffer from obesity, especially when this is combined with another The lack of exercise is a worrisome situation.

To combat canine obesity, by The diet to be followed is assigned according to their characteristics, which has to proteins as the main base. In this diet, only the following are provided to the dog the amount of nutrients required according to your activity level physical condition, age and size, i.e., the normal amount of food for a dog without excess calories, reducing sweets to a minimum and only using by supplying it with quality food.

In terms of exercise, the can should have at least three sessions of physical activity per day, of at least 15 minutes. This includes walks, games that exercise both your mind and your body. as well as sports such as swimming that are beneficial to the body. for them in the short and long term.

An important point to be emphasized is that Both changes in the dog’s physical and nutritional activity should be be done gradually, with pauses and allowing the canine to go to his or her own rhythm, without over-demanding it. All this by following a daily routine that does not should not be avoided or altered without a good reason, for therein lies the final key of success.

Abrupt changes can worsen condition of the animal, especially with the issue of exercise and the current state of the animal. dog health.

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